Set Lighting Technician in the N.M. film industry...

I started working in the New Mexico film industry as a Set-Lighting Technician in January of 2007.  As a licensed electrician and working in theatre with theatre lighting for 10 years, I was sort of uniquely qualified for this position.  As of this writing I have been "day playing," which means that I fill in for regular technicians when they're sick or when production needs an extra technician or 2 for a particular scene.  I am a member in good standing of I.A.T.S.E. local 480.

The films I have worked on:

  • In Plain Sight (Set Lighting - 1st Unit)
  • Wild Hogs (Rigging Electric)
  • No Country For Old Men (Set Lighting/Rigging Electric - 1st Unit)
  • Hamlet 2 (Set Lighting - 1st Unit)
  • Wildfire - The series (Set Lighting - 1st Unit)
  • Dark Country (Set Lighting - 1st Unit)
  • Brothers (Set Lighting - 1st Unit)
  • Terminator 4 - Project Angel (Set Lighting - 1st Unit and 2nd Unit; Underwater Electric - 1st Unit)
  • Legion (Set Lighting - 2nd Unit)
  • Crash (Set Lighting - 1st Unit)
  • Doc West (Set Lighting - 1st Unit)

    As of this writing I have no film credits, which means that you don't see my name scroll by at the end of the movie.  You have to be a "regular" crew member to get that accolade.  Being A.D.D., I've had a hard time committing to any production for more than a couple days...<;^)

    Certifications - licenses

    Condor Operater Certification                                                                                     Journeyman Electrician License

    Fork Lift Operater Certification (Front)                                                                 Fork Lift Operater Certification (Back)

    PADI Open Water Certification (Front)                                                                 PADI Open Water Certification (Back)

    As I become more involved with this page, I will add some set pictures and maybe a couple short video clips.  For now it is a pretty boring page, I know.

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