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Photograph taken by Fritz Schiemann                                                           Photograph taken by Julie Fisher


If you've been to this site before and you know which motorcycle you want to look at, here's an index for ya!

1978 Suzuki dirt bike                           1970 450 Honda                     1971 450 Honda                 Intruder

        Carley                     1996 Dyna Wide-Glide                       Godzilla                     Minibike

Hey everyone.  Welcome to my "Motorcycles" page.  I had originally built this as a single page, however content of this page has grown to a point that I thought it best to create links for the 2 motorcycles using up the most bandwidth, which would be my first Harley (Carley) and my Boss Hoss (Godzilla).  I have created these links in an effort to not exclude the dial-up community from enjoying my site.  Enjoy.

My first motorcycle - a 1978, 250 Suzuki dirt bike

My first motorcycle purchase (predictably, against my parent's wishes), was a 1978 Suzuki 250.  It was actually a stripped Enduro, so it was more like a dirt bike.  I paid 100 bucks for it.  I made this purchase when I was 15 from a coworker at an auto repair shop - "Mr. C's Auto."  I rode that bike all over Albuquerque (in the days when you could ride a dirt bike on the city streets with no headlights, brake lights, turn signals, license, insurance, registration, etc.) for about 3 months before I was eventually "caught" and forced to return the bike to its original owner.   Ahhhhh...those were the days...(I have no pictures of that bike).

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My second motorcycle - a 1970 CL450 Honda DOHC

A couple years went by before I was able to afford another motorcycle.  This time, being 17-years-old and licensed by the state of New Mexico, I was able to purchase a motorcycle with my parent's permission.  She was a 1970, 450 Honda DOHC (Double Over Head Cam) which cost me $400.00 (I will post pictures of that bike when I find them).  After about a year that bike was stolen from out in front of my parents' house while I was at the movies.  I was so mad I vowed to purchase another 450 just like it.

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My third motorcycle - a 1971 CB450 Honda DOHC

Less than a week after losing the '70, 450 I found a 1971, 450 Honda for $25.00.  I tore that bike down and rebuilt it.   I painted her black, removed all the "Honda" emblems, and installed baby ape-hangers.  I was, indeed, cool.   That bike was my only transportation for the next 6 years.  I still have that bike to this day.  She still runs, too.  Just charge the battery and add some gas and she's good to go!


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My fourth motorcycle - 1986 Suzuki Intruder

Finally, in 1987, after purchasing a car and a truck, I saved up enough money to put a down-payment on a 1986 Suzuki Intruder (demo model).  I actually really liked that bike and did some traveling on her while touring with one of my bands.  She was black with drag bars...pretty kewl, I must say.   I rode that bike for roughly 3 years before trading her to a buddy for a 1986, 250 Kawasaki dirt bike.  I still have, and ride, that dirt bike to this day.   (You can see it behind the Honda in the above, left picture).  Here's a couple pictures of that '86 Intruder.


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My fifth motorcycle - a 1989 FXRS (Carley)

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My sixth motorcycle - a 1996 Dyna Wide-Glide

The next bike I purchased was a 1996 Dyna Wide-Glide (FXDWG).   I owned that bike for a mere 3 months and 13,000 miles before trading it for my Boss Hoss.  I basically took 4 trips on that bike: I went to California, then Sturgis, then Florida, and then to N.W. Nevada to pickup my Boss Hoss.  I've looked around for pictures of that Dyna and for the life of me I can't find any.  Because I owned her for such a short period of time, she remained mostly stock.  Like the Intruder I owned previously, the Dyna was black with drag bars and loud pipes (of course)...very kewl bike.  If I find any pictures of that bike, I'll post 'em.

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My seventh motorcycle - a 1994 Boss Hoss

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My ninth motorcycle - a 2006 Daytona minibike

Click on image to read about my minibike.

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