Live Digital Recording and Mastering
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Why should you go with a live digital recording instead of a studio recording???  Because is a very cost-effective and TIME-effective way of recording your band.  Think about how much time and money you spent on your last demo CD.  You had to:

  • find a good studio
  • TRUST that the producer/engineer knew what he was doing
  • get musicians together
  • hope they're not late at $50.00 - $100.00 per hour
  • hope you get the track right the first time because you're spending money like it's water

    ...and on and on. For roughly 1/3 the cost of a studio CD, I can record your band live, mix it down and make you sound pretty darn good.  I double-dog dare you to listen to the demonstration .mp3 files available in this section!  It doesn't matter what kind of band you have.  If its REAL music made by REAL musicians, I'll make you sound good.  With a digitally recorded CD, you can look a client straight in the eye and proudly proclaim, "This is my band live.  What you hear is what you get!"  My CD's are of broadcast quality.  You can hand my finished CD's to any radio station and I guarantee it will sound better than 90% of the studio CD's the radio station has in their archive.

    Maybe you want to record and release a CD of your original stuff???  Who's got the time and money for that?  Throw a few originals into your set and I'll mix 'em down digitally and make them sound as good as they possibly can.  But hell...don't take my word for it.  Click on the links below (I double-dog dare ya!) to hear some of my live digital recordings.  I think you will be impressed.

    has the ability to record up to 16 digital tracks of live music.  Unlike the old days of DAT recordings, these CD-quality recording go straight to my hard disk for mastering at a later time.  I have already recorded and digitally mastered a couple bands.  The samples below were mastered without the benefit of any post-production performances.  All tracks in this section were recorded live.

    The first group of .mp3's were performed by "Mr. Black."  Most of the samples in the "Rock-n-Roll" section are 3-4 minutes long.  These are full-fidelity, CD quality renderings, so file sizes are about 3.5Mb to 9Mb.  Listen in headphones to get the full stereo effect.  Please use your browser's "Back" button (left arrow in upper-left corner) to return to this page.


  • Wicked Garden by STP - 3.4Mb

  • Black Crows - 4.3Mb

  • Some blues song with a little banter at the beginning for added fun and excitement - 5.7Mb

  • Born on the Bayou by CCR - 5Mb

  • Joe Cocker - 5.4Mb

  • Always a favorite, Led Zepplin - 3.9Mb

  • Jimi Hendrix/funk medley - 9.1Mb

    Funk - R&B

    Note: This next MP3 is is by an R&B band called Rhythm Nation.  This is my first R&B effort.  This song was recorded at Our Place II in Albuquerque.

  • In My House by the Mary Jane Girls - 3.7Mb

    Spanish music

    Note: These next song samples were recorded at a 40-year wedding anniversary party.  The performing band is an 11-piece Spanish band called the Tim McDaniels Band.  I spent a lot of time on these.  I hope you enjoy them.

  • Amiga Bonita

  • I Feel Good - James Brown

  • LaBamba

  • Ranchera #1

  • Rio Grande

  • Seca

  • Cumbia - I have no idea the title of this song

  • Shotgun

  • Ranchera - First song of the 4th set

  • Tulsa Time

  • You Send Me

    Each one of these songs took roughly 5-8 hours to mix and render to a CD-quality MP3 file.  I don't just go in and pop out raw tracks.  I scrutinize every track until I get a mix that's easy to listen to and professional sounding.  If you listened to the above tracks and noticed nothing, then my objective has been achieved.  This means your brain felt like you were listening to the radio or some other CD - not something recorded live from a local band in a local venue.  The easier a track is to listen to, the more likely a CD will keep a venue owner's attention.  And if you've dealt with as many club owners as I have, you know that that is a feat in itself.

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