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All of the sound samples on this page were recorded with a Panasonic DV video camera.  As you can probably tell from the excessive crowd noise, these are the actual audio files recorded off the camera's microphones.  There has been no doctoring of these samples.  What you hear is what you get!

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Note: This first MP3 is Ravenous' first song after their break.  Chris forgot to turn up his guitar, so the first guitar line is not heard very well.  He quickly turns around and turns it up for the second guitar line.  In addition, I sang backup vocals from the sound board.  Yet another way provides extra value!

  • Chris Ravin singing "Voodoo" by Godsmack.

    In these next 2 MP3's, Raven is singing a couple Heart songs.

  • Raven singing "Don't Leave Me Like This" by Heart.
  • Raven singing "Barracuda" by Heart.

    In these next 4 MP3's, Brad from "Mr. Scary" sits in.

  • Brad singing "You Got Another Thing Comin'" by Judas Priest.
  • Brad singing "Man in the Box" by Alice In Chains.
  • Brad singing "Plush" by The Stone Temple Pilots.
  • Brad singing "Slither" by Velvet Revolver.

    In ths next MP3, Raven is singing a ballad - one of my favorites.

  • Raven singing "When a Man Loves a Woman" - an old blues standard.

    In ths next MP3, Chris Ravin is singing.

  • Chris Ravin singing "Honky Tonk Woman" by The Rolling Stones.

    In ths next MP3, Raven invites my good friend, Rick Rael to come up and sing.  In my opinion, Rick is one of the best singers in the city.

  • Rick Rael and Raven Gutierrez singing "Screaming in the Night" by Krokus.


    These next songs were recorded at The Tavern in Albuquerque, N.M. on March 2nd, 2008.  The stage is actually a dance floor, which is tile...NOT the most acoustically sound place to perform or record.  In addition, because of the arrangement of the club, the sound board is about 8' in front of the stage-left main speakers.  So when you hear distortion in these MP3 files, it's not because the mix was distorted.  It was because the condencer microphones in my DV camera were over-driving.  As in the previous MP3 files, this recording is an undoctored recording taken straight off the DV camera microphones.  The band is Mr. Black.

  • Mr. Black performing "Lie To Me" by Johnny Lang.

  • Mr. Black performing "Can't You See" by Marshall Tucker.

    Spanish Music...

    These next songs were recorded at the ballroom at the Rio Rancho Inn in Rio Rancho, N.M.  My sound board and video camera were positioned about 70 feet from the front of the stage, so you hear a lot of room ambience in this recording.  The band is an 11-piece Spanish band called, "The Tim McDaniels Band."  The band consists of a drummer, bass player, 3 guitarists, 2 accordian players, a saxaphone player, a trumpet player and a percussionist.  Unfortunately the percussionist was a last-second edition.  Since I digitally recorded this band (as part of my Live Digital Recording package), I was limited to 16 channels.  As you can imagine, all my channels were used for this gig.

    As in the previous MP3 files, this recording is an undoctored recording taken straight off the DV camera microphones.

  • Tim McDaniels Band - Song 1.

  • Tim McDaniels Band - Song 2.

    R&B - Funk...

    This next song was recorded at our Place II in Albuquerque, N.M.  As in the previous MP3 files, this recording is an undoctored recording taken straight off the DV camera microphones.  The band is Rhythm Nation.

  • Rhythm Nation performing "Jamaica."

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