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The following section is an amalgamation of letters, e'mail and verbal testimonial that I have received from clients (band members) and non-customers (like club owners, waitresses, managers, etc.).  Some longer letters or e'mails have been edited down a bit for brevity.  Verbal testimony is paraphrased, of course, but is not embellished.  Hand-written testimonials may have spelling and punctuation corrections, but grammatical syntax has been left in tact.  I have not removed negative comments because there have been none to remove [knock on wood].  Testimonials are in green.   My comments are in blue.

"...I've literally gone around the world with [Donnie], as he did sound for the band, Ravin.  He always rings out the room with the E.Q...eliminating feedback.  He's always on time.  Now that we're stateside, he works with my band, Ravenous.  His gear is new and state-of-the-art, and he also doubles as a drummer/vocalist.  It also helps that he's an ace mechanic and master electrician for these unexpected surprises a band experiences druing, before and after performances..."
-- Chris Ravin - Guitarist for Ravenous

Comment from me: When Chris says, "...ace mechanic..." and "...master electrician..." he's referring to the fact that I have been my own automechanic my entire life (never did it professionally), and I have been a licensed electrician since 1996.  For the record, I'm not a "Master Electrician," but have been a Journeyman Electrician for well over a decade.  Though I don't apply my mechanical skills to my sound duties very often, my electrician skills come in handy quite often.

"Hey Donnie,
        Just a quick note to say thanks for the great job you did at the recent gigs.  It's nice to work with an engineer who not only gives you "everything" you need in the monitor mix, but who is also attentive throughout an entire performance.  I felt like you were locked in with the band from the first note right up to the last - it was great !!!!!!  It was like you were in the band and understood what we needed, when we needed it.  I got compliments from the management on your sound and professionalism.  He thanked me for turning him on to your company.  I'm sure you'll hear from him again...as you will from me.  Looking forward to working with you again.  Hopefully sooner than later....take care."
-- Karl Richardson - Karl Richardson and the Y's Guise

Comment from me: I've done many shows with Karl in many settings from festival to wedding; Our first show together was an outdoor festival gig at the ABQ Uptown Mall (5 band festival) back in October of 2007.  Our second show (the one he's speaking of) was a "Marti Gras festival" gig (3 band "tent" festival) in the parking lot of Copeland's (near the Cottonwood Mall) in 2008 and since then many wedding shows with the band "Tapestry."  All shows, whether outdoor "festival" type shows or weddings, presented many logistical problems, which almost always include power issues.  Anyone who has done a wedding show knows that the "Wedding Planner" is a moving target.  Despite my greatest efforts to insure no curve balls on show days, ultimately I will arrive at a show site with no power or the stage has completely moved or any other of a bevy of problems that ultimately arise.  No matter what the situation, my knowledge of electricity and over 25 years experience in the industry always come in real handy.  This knowledge and experience facilitates avoiding electrical and logistical problems that would have certainly delayed and/or stopped any of the aforementioned shows completely.  Just another way provides extra value!

"Turn this monitor down."
-- Raven Guiterrez - Lead singer for Ravenous

About the following testimonials: I did sound for Mr. Black at a club called The Tavern here in Albuquerque, N.M. on March 2nd, 2008.  Here are some of their written comments.

"When Donnie does sound for me and the bands I play with, the compliments are something like, "You guys sound great.  I can hear everything crystal clear."  The moniters are always clean and loud.  The main mix is always crisp, clean and just the right amount of bite.  It is common knowledge, when you need to sound great for a demo or a live performance, call Donnie."
-- Eddie "Two Moons" Chavez - Bass Player for "Mr. Black"

"Outstanding!  A true professional.  Knowledgeable and fun.  One of the best I've worked with in a long time.
-- Jamie Harrison - Keyboard, guitar, vocals for Mr. Black

"I always look forward to gigs where Donnie is doing sound.  Everything from stage sound to audience sound is top notch.  Best of New Mexico!"
-- Brandon McCutcheon - Drummer and vocals for Mr. Black

"Best damn soundman that I ever worked with."
-- Andy Ramos - Lead Singer and rhythm guitar for Mr. Black

"Donnie Frank and brought to the stage a professional service that took our sound to the next level.  Mr. Black wouldn't use any other sound service.  brings it all!!"
-- Chris Norman - Lead Guitar and vocals for Mr. Black

About the following testimonial: The following MP3 file is an unsolicited message that was left on my answering machine the night after mixing the Tim McDaniels Band - an 11-piece Mexican Music band.  They performed for a private wedding reception in the ballroom at the Rio Rancho Inn in Rio Rancho, N.M. on May 3rd, 2008.  Please beware that Tim says a curse word.

  • Message left on my answering machine Sunday morning after the gig the night before

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