Here's my "projects" page.

Hey everybody...I have a ton of projects I can't wait to show on my website.  Unfortunately "My Music" page is also being built, so it looks like I'll be building back and forth between this page and my Music page.  God knows when it'll all be done.  Thanx for your patience!

Most guys have had a ton of great projects in their life.  The only difference between them and myself is I tend to document my projects.  Some projects are high-tech and some projects are low-tech.  I guess the best way to do this page is to create links to different project categories.  I hope you enjoy reading about my projects as much as I enjoyed designing and building them.

Wood projects....

"Dog house" for table saw                                                     Doggie Door                                                             Planter                      

Table made from tree stump                                                       Bed                                                               Storage Shed                

Vehicle projects....

Boss Hoss customization                                                     Julie's Dyna                                                     Truck Engine Project        

                          1963 Ford 300                                         Harley-Davidson Solenoid Helper                         Truck Propane Conversion        

Home projects....

Bathroom window repair                                       Livingroom remodel                                       Double-pane glass project

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